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Ankara Decorative Stone Cladding

What is Culture Stone?

Decorative culture stone is a decorative product inspired by natural stones and produced from materials such as brick, cement or concrete and used for interior and exterior wall decoration in living spaces. Dark Stone collections, which have a more elegant appearance due to the difference in production and application, will add a tasteful atmosphere to your spaces with different colour options and texture samples.

Culture Stone Wall Cladding Models

As each product has various applications, there are various knitting applications in cultured stone wall cladding products. The string that allows the side parts of the culture stones to be placed on top of each other, allowing the large surface to be seen, is called flat sword knitting sequence. When decorative cultural stones are applied with a flat sword knitting sequence, a more elegant and modern appearance is provided. Sample cultural stone wall cladding models are as follows;

  • Dark Alacati Stone
  • Dark Cobblestone
  • Dark Interlocking Slate Stone
  • Dark Interlaced Rough Slate
  • Dark Creek Stone
  • Dark Layer Stone
  • Dark Field Stone
  • Dark Scratch Stone
  • Dark Wood Stone
  • Dark Castle Stone

Decorative Culture Stone Coating Ankara

Decorative culture stone coating products, which are among the indispensables of decoration in living spaces, especially in homes and workplaces, save your walls from their classic and boring appearance! Decorative wall stones are specially produced and applied in order to keep breathing in spaces and living spaces, image perfection and naturalness at the same time.

Except for the unique, Dark culture stone coatings and collections, culture stone production, decorative stone application and sales of our services that we started with, we continue to serve all over Turkey, especially in Ankara, by introducing new stone models every day.

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