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Rough Brick

Just as every product has various ways of use, there are also various ways of laying bricks. The arrangement of the sides of the bricks on top of each other, allowing for a wider surface to be seen, is called a straight sword lattice pattern.

Inspired by the straight sword lattice pattern, which is one of the wall construction styles of Dark rough brick, previously used in constructions and later removed, and copied from the surface of bricks that have adapted to a decorative appearance through erosion, breakage, and color change, such as weathered brick, exposed brick, and colored brick, a larger decorative covering brick has been produced.

Due to differences in application, Dark rough brick has a different appearance, offering different product visuals with different color options and texture samples, giving a pleasant atmosphere to your buildings and spaces.


The colors of our products may appear different due to the photography of the products. Since our products are handmade, there may be up to a 2% tonal difference among the same models in orders placed.

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