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Blend Brick

Blend brick is a general solid brick that is made by human labor and dried by irregular heating, taking its name from the variety of work in the construction field. The inability to fully dry the water content inside and the incomplete pressing results in cracks and edge breakages, creating a natural weathered look on the brick surfaces.

Dark Blend brick is designed as a decorative stone-brick inspired by these broken and damaged bricks and manufactured as an artificial brick. Dark blend brick is laid using the staggered bond style of masonry.

Due to the uniqueness of the dark blend brick's laying pattern, it is among the most preferred products for wall cladding. The combination of large and small pieces in the dark blend brick allows for easy application and provides a rich character and a wide range of color options for both interior and exterior wall cladding


The colors of our products may appear different due to the photography of the products. Since our products are handmade, there may be up to a 2% tonal difference among the same models in orders placed.

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