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Decorative Stone (Cultural Stone) Istanbul

Decorative Stone (Cultural Stone) Istanbul19August

What is Stone?

When the Earth's crust is considered, it is primarily composed of stone and soil. Stone is also used to refer to materials composed of different minerals with varying properties found in the Earth's crust. Stone is extracted from the Earth's crust and is a special material used in many areas, particularly in construction.

Our cultural stone covering products come in different colors and models. You can choose from our 35 different colored and modeled stone covering products to give your living spaces a modern look.

Decorative Stone Cladding Istanbul

In the past, stones were used to protect the deformations caused by both weather and environmental factors in the structures where living things lived. Now Dark Stone Stone Cladding Istanbul applications are also used for decorative purposes in all living spaces from your home to your workplaces. Decorative culture stone coatings give a stylish and modern appearance both in interior and exterior architecture.

Decorative Stone Cladding Models ▶

Cultural Stone Cladding Materials

Stone cladding materials are determined by Dark Stone according to the specifications and design of your building. You can choose your desired decorative cultural stone model. Dark Stone's expert team and craftsmen will apply the selected cultural stone model to your building with the highest quality stone cladding materials.

Taş Kaplama İstanbul Fiyatları

Cultural Stone Istanbul

Cultural stone has become a new trend in recent years for decoration purposes in both interior and exterior walls. Many people create a more stylish, aesthetic, and modern living environment with cultural stone cladding, especially in homes, offices, and restaurant & bar spaces.

Cultural Stone Istanbul Prices

The price of cultural stone in Istanbul varies according to the location of application, square meter, and selected model. Please contact us for information on decorative cultural stone prices in Istanbul.

Decorative Cultural Stone Models

Decorative cultural stone is produced in a cast form. Decorative brick claddings in different colors and models provide a different, aesthetic, and visual pleasure to your spaces without damaging your wall surface. The cultural stone models are as follows;

  • Dark Alaçatı Stone
  • Dark Cobblestone
  • Dark Overlapping Slate Stone
  • Dark Stream Stone
  • Dark Field Stone
  • Dark Ashlar Stone
  • Dark Scratch Stone
  • Dark Flag Stone
  • Dark Herringbone Stone
  • Dark Castle Stone
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