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Decorative Stone (Cultural Stone) Bursa

Decorative Stone (Cultural Stone) Bursa24November

What is Stone?

The Earth's crust is primarily composed of stone and soil. Stone is extracted from the mass of the Earth's crust. Stone is one of the main materials used in buildings and construction. Different minerals with different structures in the Earth's crust are called stones and come in various sizes.

Decorative Stone Cladding Bursa

Stone was traditionally used in buildings to provide protection against environmental wear and tear. Nowadays, Stone Cladding in Bursa is also used for decorative purposes to create an elegant appearance both inside and outside of buildings.

With its unique shapes, varieties, and colors, Dark Stone Cladding products can create different architectures in your buildings and provide you with incredibly stylish spaces. Stone cladding applications can greatly increase the value of your homes. Stone cladding materials are selected to match the design and aesthetic appearance of the building and construction.

Taş, Tuğla Kaplama Bursa Fiyatları

How is Decorative Cultured Stone Made?

Cultured stone production starts by mixing cement, clay, and water. Color pigments are also added to the mixture for different colors. The resulting mixture is poured into molds of different models and shaped. In the production of cultured stone, it is necessary to obtain a natural and realistic appearance. With new production techniques, cultured stones have become difficult to distinguish from natural stones when touched due to their natural texture and colors. The natural-looking texture, colors, and durability have taken cultured stones to a different level.

Decorative Stone Models

  • Dark Alaçatı Stone
  • Dark Cobblestone
  • Dark Interlocking Slate Stone
  • Dark Interlocking Rubble Stone
  • Dark Interlocking Rough Slate Stone
  • Dark Block Castle Stone
  • Dark Stream Stone
  • Dark Layered Stone
  • Dark Field Stone
  • Dark Rubble Stone
  • Dark Scratched Stone
  • Dark Flag Stone
  • Dark Wood Stone
  • Dark Braided Stone
  • Dark Castle Stone

Our Stone Cladding Models ▶

The stone cladding to be covered is selected by the customer. The selected stone cladding product is applied by the professional craftsmen of Dark Stone.

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